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A little after midnight the fire alarm went off at work, so we all had to go out in the cold January night. And while waiting for the all’s clear from the firemen I decided that it was going to be the most interesting thing to happen today and I took a few pictures. Fire!01-02-09



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My intentions were to take a photo of where I was and what I was doing when the new year came in. Well seeing that I was at work and so busy it slipped right by until I realized it was about 2 am and I hadn’t taken the shot. So on my way home there was such a gorgeous sunrise I decided that that would make a great first photo of the new year. Fortunately I took the shot with my Canon SD550 because the CF card failed for the pictures I took with my Sony A100. Well you get the idea, the sunrise was beautiful. Some morning I have a hard time watching the road because I can’t keep my eyes off of the sunrise. Dawn of a New Year

Count Down to 2009

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Count Down to 2009. Starting 1-1-9